Is Bikram Hot Yoga effective for weight loss?

Is yoga a discipline that challenges your mind more than your body? It definitely is the case for Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga. This yoga practice has sworn to make us sweat as if our life was depending on it...

But is yoga that makes us sweat effective for losing weight?

Bikram Hot Yoga for weight loss

First, let's ask ourselves, what is Hot Yoga?

Yoga is great for bringing us peace of mind and opening our chakras, but is it helpful for weight loss?

the answer is very simple : Bikram Hot Yoga is a dynamic yoga practice that is much more intense than traditional yoga.

As a matter of fact, Bikram yoga’s acknowledged intention is to make us sweat. And to make that happen, Bikram yoga does not beat around the bush : during sessions, you will carry out a sequence of about 50 pretty complex yoga poses… in a room heated at about 105°F!

Hot Yoga : An effective way to lose weight?

Doing yoga positions in a suffocating atmosphere sounds a little wacky, but be rest assured, it’s worth it! Hot Bikram Yoga can have many benefits for weight loss, such as : 

  • Being a highly dynamic yoga practice, it will work your cardio. And the more you work your cardio, the more you’ll burn fat.
  • Since your muscles are very solicited during your workout, on top of redefining your figure, it will drastically increase your metabolism, which will help you burn much more calories more easily.
  • The ABUNDANT sweat that you will evacuate during these sessions will help you eliminate toxins from your organism. Associated to the significant energy expenditure tied to the repetition of the movements, this will stimulate your circulatory system, which will help you lose weight more easily.
  • Also, since yoga has soothing virtues on your mind, you’ll have a smaller tendency to compensate stress with food.
  • Finally, Bikram Yoga stimulates the lymphatic, endocrine, respiratory and digestive functions of your organism. And when your organism is harmonised, you'll have less of a hard time eating well.

In short, with Hot Yoga, you’ll get toned, you’ll slim your figure and you’ll lose body fat. More importantly, you’ll have less of a hard time choosing a healthier diet. Not bad…

...But starting out Hot Yoga is not the easiest!

Although it’s true that Bikram Yoga is effective for losing weight and finding a more tonic and dynamic silhouette, it’s a very, very physical Yoga.

If you have cardiovascular issues, you should consider talking to your doctor first. Or else, you might risk fainting…

If you’d like to effectively lose weight in a very fast way, think twice! Surely Bikram Yoga will help you lose weight, but you should not expect results right away. You’ll need at least 10 Hot Yoga sessions to start noticing improvements on your figure...Connoisseurs generally talk about a 13 sessions cycle, no less.

Indeed, your first three sessions will probably be spent trying not to faint and assimilating the cycle of the positions...And for 10 next sessions, you’ll really be able to work on the right execution of these positions.

So, if you're trying to lose weight quickly for that wedding you have to attend in two weeks, then Bikram yoga might not be for you. But if you're interested in persevering to get to a healthy lifestyle then good luck!