7 Essential Benefits of Yoga

Your friends keep telling you about how good yoga is for your health, but you still keep wondering what that really means? You can reduce stress and improve your health in many ways so, what are the specific benefits that only Yoga can bring into your life? Many are the benefits of yoga, so let's focus on these 7 essential benefits of yoga :

1. Yoga will help reduce your stress and you will live more serenly

2. Yoga helps to improve your breathing

3. Yoga gives you self-confidence

4. Yoga will help you be more present with yourself and the world

5. Yoga improves concentration

6. Yoga strengthens your body and your flexibility

7. Finally, Yoga opens the doors to indian culture and it's philosophy as well as it's spirituality


1. Yoga helps reduces stress :

Yoga help reduce stress

Yoga can help greatly decrease anxiety, stress, depression and more in less than 12 sessions. Our daily life is often hectic and we are constantly chasing time. It is more and more difficult to devote oneself to an activity without being interrupted and suddenly our mind becomes much more tired and finds it difficult to stay focused.

The practice of Yoga, postures (asanas), but also breathing (pranayama) and then meditation (dharana), helps us calm our mind and reduce our degree of stress.

When we go to Yoga class or we practice individually, we take a moment dedicated to ourselves, apart from the worries of our daily life. These disconnections with everything else that surrounds us help us relax and create moments of serenity in our daily lives.

2. Yoga improves your breathing and your breath

Yoga benefits breathing lungs heart breath

We breathe every day, but most often, we do it without even being aware of it. When we are stressed, our breathing becomes short and we no longer fill our lungs as we should.
As a result, our blood is less oxygenated, and this can influence vitality.

In Yoga, mastering your breathing is fundamental. Breathing is one of the 8 members that make up the Science of Yoga.

Yoga practitioners seek to improve their breathing capacity by increasing the length of their breaths and exhalations. The practice of Yoga helps us to strengthen our heart and our lungs. We become aware of our breaths again and we learn, for example, to breathe calmly in times of anxiety or tension. Yoga offers many breathing techniques that have multiple benefits. Some are calming, others are energizing, others are balancing.

Breath is life, and the practice of Yoga will help you make the most of every moment, while breathing in all conscience!

3. Yoga gives you confidence

Yoga improves confidence benefits yoga

Practicing Yoga teaches you to develop many qualities, including self-confidence. Practicing Yoga allows you to discover and reveal your potential.

Often in our daily lives we tend to compare ourselves to others and to devalue ourselves. We lack confidence in our abilities and our possibilities, and that prevents us from undertaking many things.

By joining your Yoga mat, you will explore everything your body and your mind will allow you to do. You will start from a given situation, with your strength, your flexibility, your fears, and you will then progress in each of these areas. You will see that at the beginning, you will find it very difficult to perform or hold certain postures. And over time, you will feel more and more comfortable, more and more confident, and you will be able to succeed in a lot of different postures.

Succeeding in a posture that was initially inaccessible to us helps us strengthen our self-confidence. We feel stronger and therefore more ready to take up the challenges that dot our daily life.

4. Yoga helps you to be more present to yourself and to the world

Yoga pregnancy benefits yoga
Have you ever had the feeling of being there without really being there? In other words: to be physically present in one place while your mind wanders elsewhere? To go through your day like a robot, without being well aware of your actions, your thoughts and your feelings?

This happens often ! As we juggle from one activity to another and are more and more mobile and in interaction with more and more people, our mind gets lost in this crazy race and gets lost.

Practicing Yoga helps us to create moments of mindfulness, just for us.

When we are on our mat, we are HERE AND NOW, fully present and focused. Everything that exists is inside of the mat, and the passing of time no longer matters.

When we leave our mat to return to everyday life, often our minds have been cleared by taking a step back and we more easily find solutions to our worries and blockages.

5. Yoga improves your concentration

Yoga improves concentration benefits yoga

Yoga is a very good practice to improve your physical and mental concentration.

For example, when you take a balance posture like the tree, your mind must be 100% present in what you are doing. If your thoughts start to escape, then you will lose your stability and you will not be able to stay in the posture.

Not only does Yoga help you improve your concentration, but it also helps you measure it. As I said, in postures that require stability and anchoring, you immediately see if you are well focused or not.

And when you need to refocus, you can use what you have learned in Yoga classes. For example, on public transport or during your working day, you can take a break if you need to, and just close your eyes, go inside and do some observation work. thoughts. Just let them pass, without trying to control or stop them. Then when you're ready, slowly reopen your eyes!

6. Yoga strengthens your body and improves your flexibility

Yoga improves strength and flexibility
Yoga is associated with spiritual and philosophical research. However, by practicing the postures, you will also strengthen your muscles, including your deep muscles.

Yoga will make you stronger physically and also strengthen your flexibility. You will develop your agility and your balance. Unlike practices like bodybuilding, Yoga offers you gentle work that respects your body and strengthens it for a long time. If you practice dynamic yoga, you will even exercise your cardio!

7. Yoga opens the doors of Indian culture with its philosophy and spirituality

yoga learn indian culture benefits health

Depending on the style of Yoga that you are going to practice, you will slowly be immersed into Indian culture. Yoga does not only consist in performing postures, it is also the vector of a whole philosophy of life.

For example, the names of the postures, in some courses, will be given to you in Sanskrit. It is the ancient language of India and one of the oldest languages ​​in the world.

In some lessons, you will also hear Indian music, and maybe even sing Mantras (not only the famous "Aum", there are hundreds!)

If you are interested in the philosophy of India and Yoga and spirituality do not hesitate to question your teacher. He will no doubt be very happy with your interest and will be able to explain certain principles to you and give you reading tips.