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Domejane is a one-woman owned company. Its aim is to empower women in its own yogi way. As women in this era, we sometimes struggle with self-confidence and live in high-stress environments. I, personnally, have found that Yoga has throughout the years, been the most stable and enjoyable way for me to be more self-confident, self-aware and relaxed. This is why I've embraced the Yoga lifestyle and aim to build a community of women seeking to enjoy life this same way.

Why Domejane?

The name Domejane was inspired by the fictional character of Moliere's play, Dom Juan. Dom Juan is known for certain traits such as : passionnately living his life to the fullest, not giving into the constraints of social rules, being self-empowered and more importantly being a scandalously fascinating seducer. Dom Juan was used as inspiration to create his feminine alter ego, Domejane.

Domejane should inspire women to be more self-empowered, confident and beautiful inside and out but this time whilst also caring about the products they use. Our products are carefully selected to be as sustainable as possible, check out more precise information about our product sourcing in each of the products descriptions.


For any inquiries contact us at info@domejane.com or +14245377417